PDF to HTML Command-Line

PDF to HTML Command-Line


Convert PDF to HTML files from the command line interface.

Perhaps the easiest way to convert PDF to HTML files is to use the command-line PDFix Convert utility. The essential syntax is:

pdfix_app email key -pdf2html <input_file> <output_dir> [-responsive -js -fonts -textsize] 


input_file required path to pdf file to convert
output_dir required path  to directory to save generated HTML
-responsive optional creates responsive HTML, creates fixed layout if not set
-js optional exports document JavaScript into HTML
-fonts optional exports embedded TrueType fonts into HTML using CSS3
-textsize optional retain original text size in created HTML


pdfix_app test@pdfix.net LICENSEKEY -pdf2html c:\Files\PdfForm.pdf c:\Files\HtmlForm -responsive

In this example, the file c:\Files\PdfForm.pdf is converted into c:\Files\HtmlForm as responsive HTML.

For information about parameters, type pdfix_app /? at the command prompt.