PDFix Command-Line

PDFix Command-Line


Process PDF files from the command line interface.

Perhaps the easiest way to convert PDFs to HTML or to add Tags to PDF is to use the command-line PDFix CLI utility. The essential syntax is:

pdfix_app {email} {key} {operation} {input_file} {output_file} {options} 


email required registered email address
key required license key
input_file required path to pdf file to process
output_file required path to the output file
options optional operation specific options


Command-line example:

pdfix_app test@pdfix.net LICENSEKEY -pdf2html c:\Files\PdfForm.pdf c:\Files\index.html -responsive


Converts pdf to html , output is the html file created during conversion. Options for pdf2html are:

-responsive creates responsive HTML, creates fixed layout if not set
-js exports document JavaScript into HTML
-fonts exports embedded TrueType fonts into HTML using CSS3
-textsize retain original text size in created HTML
-noexternalcss use inline css instead of the external file
-noexternaljs use inline javascript instead of the external file
-noexternalimg use embedded based encoded images
-noexternalfont use embedded based encoded fonts
-graybg use gray background and page padding

Command-line example:

pdfix_app test@pdfix.net LICENSEKEY -addtags c:\Files\file.pdf c:\Files\file_tagged.pdf


Adds tags to pdf. No options arecurrently available for CLI.

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