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We are not alone

We are not alone in our revolution and things are happening as we speak. We started our mission with idea of responsiveness in PDF world twelve months ago. Just recently PDF Association ( introduced program for upcoming PDF Days in Berlin ( with one track dedicated to next-generation PDF ( Others started noticing: and we


PDF responsive revolution

We all dislike reading PDF documents on our smart phones. Pinch in, pinch out, scroll around and attempt to read what was originally designed to be shown on a screen over 10 times larger. Then there’s filling in a PDF Form on your smart phone – close to impossible. So it appears that our beloved


The magic of data hidden in a PDF

It’s a common myth that the PDF is the final format of a document, where the data and content can only be rendered on a screen or printed on paper. This is far from correct and we will explain why. John Warnock had a vision: This project’s goal is to solve a fundamental problem that


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