Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started

How to download and use PDFix SDK, basic examples, and more.


This page will help you install PDFix on your system, so that you can build apps with it right away.

Download PDFix SDK

Go to the Download page. Please download the proper package for your operating system and architecture.

Pick PDFix SDK Components

Please follow the component matrix below to pick the right components from the PDFix SDK package.

Get the Licence key

Generate trial license key for your platform. Use this license key to initialize PDFix in your application.

Integrate PDFix into your code

Use the code bellow based on the language you use in your application.

PDFix SDK Component matrix

This page will help you to pick necessary components for integration PDFix SDK into your solution or workflow. All components listed below are included in the download package for specific platform.

PDFix SDK Core

PDF processing in the range of Standard Features, Logical Content Extraction and AutoTag.

Runtime module* c++ headers  Java class  c# class
bin/pdfix.dll include/c++/Pdfix.h include/java/Pdfix.jar include/csharp/Pdfix.cs

PDF to HTML Extension

Conversion of PDF to HTML and PDF Form to HTML Form use the following extension with PDFix SDK Core component.

Runtime module* c++ headers  Java class  c# class
bin/pdf_to_html.dll include/c++/PdfToHtml.h include/java/PdfToHtml.jar include/csharp/PdfToHtml.cs


Command line application interface should be used with PDFix SDK Core and optionally with PDF to HTML extension depending on the features used.

Runtime module*

* Runtime module file prefix and extension is specific to the platform (i.e. Windows – pdfix.dll, Linux, Android –, Mac – pdfix.dylib, iOS – pdfix.a). Depending on the platform the runtime modules are available in 32bit or 64bit version.

Integrate PDFix SDK code sample

Integrate PDFix into Java application (Netbeans, Android Studio, Eclipse)


Integrate PDFix into XCode C++


Integrate PDFix into Visual Studio C#


Integrate PDFix with PDF to HTML extension into c++ application