Release Notes

Release Notes

PDFix Release Notes
Release Notes

Version 4.0.0 (May 7th 2018)

New Features:

  • Make PDF Accessible – allows you to convert PDF to PDF/UA
  • OCR module – allows you to convert scanned PDF into searchable PDF
  • EmbedFonts – allows you to embed/subset fonts in PDF document


  • Github repository samples
  • Online documentation
  • Trial key authorization update
  • PdfixPlugin::GetID was removed
  • PsImage::Save renamed to SaveToStream, new PsImage::Save()
  • PsMetadata object
  • PdfDoc::SetLang, PdfDoc::GetLang
  • Read/write document metadata (title, author, creator, description) and sync. with Info dict
  • PdfDoc::GetMetadata,
  • PdsStructElement renamed to PdfStructElement

Bug fixes:

  • PdfToHtml – Link annotations with URI action in a fixed view
  • File size issue after saving file
  • Incremental save fix
  • Digital signature fix
  • Content writer – double, float value format – no exponent
  • PdePageMap android crash fix

Version 3.2.2 (February 22th 2018)


  • Command line application now supports relative path names for input and output files
  • Ability to reset previously modified Document templates
  • Content detection enhancements
    • bullet detection
    • rotated text handling
  • Bug fixes in PDF to HTML conversion
    • table column alignment
    • duplicate form field elements in fixed layout
    • incorrect url data format in embedded image streams

Version 3.2.0 (February 8th 2018)

New features

  • New PDF to HTML conversions
    • Support for JPEG image format and image quality
    • Simplified CSS in the output


  • Improved content extraction algorithms
    • Tables, charts, bullets, lists, TOC, headers/footers recognition update
    • Reading order detection improvements
  • Customizable document templates
    • Ability to configure content extraction and Autotag process for speficid document type or document set (please contact support for more information)
  • General bug fixes

Version 3.0.0 (October 3th 2017)

New features

  • Autotag – Add tags to PDF automatically
    • Make PDF accessible
    • PDF/UA compliant


  • New PDF to HTML conversions
    • PDF conversion to embeddable <div> html element
    • Embedded resources
  • Streams support
  • Improved content extraction algorithms
    • Table detection
    • Paragraph recognition
    • List detection
    • Table of contents detection
  • Customizable document templates

Version 2.0.0 (February 16th 2017)

  • PDF to HTML conversion SDK
  • Fixed or Responsive layout output
  • Multiple HTML files output or one continuous HTML page
  • TrueType Font Extraction
  • Text size output control
  • AcroForm support

Version 2.0.0 (February 16th 2017)

  • More accurate elements detection
  • Text Tables detection improvement
  • Colspan and Rowspan bug fixies
  • Text Paragraphs detection improvement
  • Bullets recognition
  • Repeated pattern detection (patterns of characters, such as a series of dots or dashes, between a tab and the following text)
  • Background image separation
  • Drop Cap text detection
  • Form Field flattening

Version 1.0.2 (June 24th 2016)

  • Text tables detection
  • Lists and Table of contents detection
  • Image intersection improvement
  • Words detection improvement
  • Elements clipping improvement
  • Reading order detection improvement
  • Header/Footer detection


Version 1.0.1 (May 20th 2016)

  • Discrete elements detection
  • Text tables detection (output as an image)
  • Table cell background color detection
  • Words detection improvement
  • Headers/Footers detection
  • XForm object handling


Version 1.0.0 (May 1st 2016)

  • Initial release


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