“Open Data Science Conference (OSDC) has become a must-go event in Data Science and Machine Learning, as it continuously strived to deliver a smooth event, while improving the content of its programs, and quality of its speakers to deliver value to a diverse set of attendees.” It´s a citation from the official ODSC page under the “Why Attend” section.

Data Scientists: PDF Data Wanted

At PDF Days Europe 2018, there were latest updates on information about PDF as a percentage of document formats on the web. A vast majority of document formats on the web are PDF files. We talked a lot about the PDF data and the fact was proven. Data Scientists from various industries work with data from PDF a lot, but they have problems pulling them out.

Attending ODSC Europe 2018 in London

What data scientists have found out

Obtaining the data from PDF files manually was a frequent topic. Data scientists also told us they have troubles with manual copying and pasting tabular data. After a short PDFix SDK introduction, they have realized there are much faster and comfortable ways how to obtain and process necessary data from the PDF files. We have seen that they started to be very motivated to get over all the daily uncomfortable manual scraping work.

Glad we have been there

It was a first time for us to attend such a conference. We had no idea what to expect. But now we are so glad we have been there. We met a lot of people from the Data Science and Machine Learning industry we can help. And what about you? Do you have similar or any other story about troubles with PDF to share with us? Don´t hesitate to let us know, we are ready to help!

Attending ODSC Europe 2018 in London