PDFix SDK  4.1.2
Ocr With Tesseract Sample

Example how to convert an image based PDF to searchable document. NOTE: If your tessdata dir is in the /usr/share/tesseract-ocr dir, data_path should be set to /usr/share/tesseract-ocr.

#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include "Pdfix.h"
#include "OcrTesseract.h"
void OcrWithTesseract(
const std::wstring& email, // authorization email
const std::wstring& license_key, // authorization license key
const std::wstring& open_path, // source PDF document
const std::wstring& save_path, // searchable PDF document
const std::wstring& data_path, // path to OCR data
const std::wstring& language, // default OCR language
OcrTesseractParams& ocr_params
) {
// initialize Pdfix
if (!Pdfix_init(Pdfix_MODULE_NAME))
throw std::runtime_error("Pdfix initialization fail");
Pdfix* pdfix = GetPdfix();
if (!pdfix)
throw std::runtime_error("GetPdfix fail");
if (!pdfix->Authorize(email.c_str(), license_key.c_str()))
throw std::runtime_error(pdfix->GetError());
// initialize OcrTesseract
if (!OcrTesseract_init(OcrTesseract_MODULE_NAME))
throw std::runtime_error("OcrTesseract_init fail");
OcrTesseract* ocr = GetOcrTesseract();
if (!ocr)
throw std::runtime_error("GetOcrTesseract fail");
std::cout << "PDFix OCR Tesseract " << ocr->GetVersionMajor() << "." <<
ocr->GetVersionMinor() << "." <<
ocr->GetVersionPatch() << std::endl;
if (!ocr->Initialize(pdfix))
throw std::runtime_error(pdfix->GetError());
PdfDoc* doc = pdfix->OpenDoc(open_path.c_str(), L"");
if (!doc)
throw std::runtime_error(pdfix->GetError());
TesseractDoc* ocr_doc = ocr->OpenOcrDoc(doc);
if (!ocr_doc)
throw std::runtime_error(pdfix->GetError());
ocr_params.zoom = 4;
if (!ocr_doc->Save(save_path.c_str(), &ocr_params, nullptr, nullptr))
throw std::runtime_error(pdfix->GetError());