Use Case

Convert PDF Form to HTML to allow filling the Form directly in the browser without need of having PDF Readers installed.


Use Case: PDF Forms to HTML Forms


The SDK provides two options for integrating into your project using a Command Line Utility or programatically.

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> Command Line

PDFix provides simple and fast automated PDF processing using a command line. PDFix Command Line Utility is the easiest way to integrate the SDK functionality into your solution available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Learn more about the Command Line Utility.

$ cd /pdfix_mac/bin
$ ./pdfix_app 3bE31NaixzFE58ir -pdf2html /Users/admin/Documents/input.pdf output.html


This converts PDF to HTML , output is the HTML file created during conversion. Click to see available options.

hese code samples show how to convert the whole PDF document to HTML. Code integration into your project allows you to take full control of the PDF data processing:


Using the PDFix CLI or the provided code snippet, we get the HTML output:

Processing the Form

Submit, Flatten or Sign the Form directly in a web browser and process the PDF on the backend.

Use Case: PDF Forms to HTML Forms - Processing

Customizing the output

Customize the appearance and functionality by injecting your own JavaScript or CSS directly into HTML and enrich the experience of reading the PDF document. Contact us at if you need help with integration.