Version 4.0.0 (May 7th 2018)

New Features:

  • Make PDF Accessible – allows you to convert PDF to PDF/UA
  • OCR module – allows you to convert scanned PDF into searchable PDF
  • EmbedFonts – allows you to embed/subset fonts in PDF document


  • Github repository samples
  • Online documentation
  • Trial key authorization update
  • PdfixPlugin::GetID was removed
  • PsImage::Save renamed to SaveToStream, new PsImage::Save()
  • PsMetadata object
  • PdfDoc::SetLang, PdfDoc::GetLang
  • Read/write document metadata (title, author, creator, description) and sync. with Info dict
  • PdfDoc::GetMetadata,
  • PdsStructElement renamed to PdfStructElement

Bug fixes:

  • PdfToHtml – Link annotations with URI action in a fixed view
  • File size issue after saving file
  • Incremental save fix
  • Digital signature fix
  • Content writer – double, float value format – no exponent
  • PdePageMap android crash fix