PDFix SDK Version 4.1.0

PDFix SDK Version 4.1.0

Version 4.1.0 (October 3rd 2018)

New Features:

  • PdsObject API – access to PDF low level objects
  • PdsStructTree API – access to PDF document structure tree (Tags)
  • PDF to XML conversion


  • PDFix SDK Core
    • PdfDoc::GetInfo returns empty string if Info dict not present
    • PdfPage::GetMediaBox returns bounding box 0,0,612,792 if not present
    • PdeContentWriter
      • content stream optimization for TJ and Tj operators
      • type3 font support
      • inline image support
    • PdfFlattenAnnotsParams – added flat_annot member to select annotation type to flatten
    • PdfDocTemplate
      • added kTrDetectRotation (automatic detection of page rotation flag)
      • added kMinCharClipRatio (clipping area intersection threshold)
      • added kTrMaxLineSpacing (maximum line spacing in paragraph threshold)
      • removed kTemplateFlatAnnots (use flat_annot in PdfFlattenAnnotsParams instead)
      • removed kTrLineSpacingTextSplit (use kTrMaxLineSpacing instead)
      • removed kTrLineSpacing (use kTrMaxLineSpacing instead)
      • removed kTemplateAcceptTags
    • PdfPageMap
      • applied kTextFlagStrikeout flag on text when Cross-Out annotation is in place
      • text outside of clip area treated as artifact
      • split filling words into separate PdeTexts
    • AddTags
      • set generic Form Field tooltip when missing TU key
      • extra spaces in text handling
    • Metadata – support of  in dc:title update
    • ErrorCode – renamed kErrorPdfCosObjInvalid to kErrorPdsObjectInvalid
    • Xref stream support when saving files
  • PDF to HTML
    • text decoration under text markup annotations (highlight, underline, cross-out, squiggly)
    • css & html validation fixes
    • removed css white-space: -pre-wrap, -o-pre-wrap, -moz-pre-wrap as unsupported properties
    • fixed .pdf-page h1 h2 h3 h4 to .pdf-page h1, ,pdf-page h2, … to apply style on .pdf-page only, same with .pdf-page.responsive table h1 .. h4
    • fixed <input> maxLength property – missing quotes
    • changed <input> defaultValue property to data-default-value
    • PdfToHtmlDoc::SaveDocHtml, SavePageHtml memory allocation fix
    • unwanted “)” in html output
    • textarea CSS – scrollbar was missing in case of long text
  • Command Line Interface
    • PDF to HTML – added options: -page_width, -image_format, -image_quality
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