Version 5.0 (June 7th 2019)

The major release focused on accessibility, PDF/UA compliance and custom configurations.
A new PDFix SDK Enterprise version brings the ability to customize layout detection, data extraction, and tagging.

New functions allow developers to programmatically create content structure (PdsStructTree, PdsStructElement) and also manipulate and edit existing structure elements, marked content, properties, and attributes.
With manual adjustments, you will have full control over the process of creating PDF/UA compliant files.

The automated data extraction process is now fully customizable via the configuration file. In addition to the general set of thresholds, a developer can use special query language to dramatically improve the quality of data extraction.

These two major features in combination can streamline your remediation workflows.

Download PDFix SDK 5.0.27
New Objects and Methods:
  • PdfixRegisterPlugin, GetPluginByName,  GetEvent
  • PdfixPlugin –  GetPdfixVersionMajor, GetPdfixVersionMinor, GetPdfixVersionPatch
  • PsEventGetType, GetDoc, GetPage, GetAnnot
  • PdsStructTreeGetObject, RemoveKid, CreateStructElement, GetDoc, UpdateParentTree
  • PdsStructElementSetAlt, AddAttrObj, RemoveAttrObj, RemoveKid, CreateStructElement, SetParent, AddPageObject, AddAnnot, GetStructTree, SetType
  • PdfPageViewRelease
  • PdePageMapRelease, AcquireElements, CreateElement,  AddTags
  • PdfPageRelease, GetLogicalRotate, CreatePageMap, GetNumPageObjects, GetPageObject, GetResources, GetObject, FlattenFormXObjects, GetContentFlags, SetContent, GetDoc
  • PdfDocTemplateGetProperty, SetProperty, GetRegex, SetRegex
  • PdfDocRemoveTags, CreateDictObject, CreateArrayObject, CreateNameObject, CreateStringObject, CreateIntObject, CreateNumberObject, CreateStreamObject, GetObjectById, CreateStructTree, RemoveStructTree, RemoveBookmarks, CreateBookmarks, AddFontMissingUnicode
  • PdfAnnotGetStructObject
  • PdfActionGetDestPageNum
  • PdeTextGetTextFlags, GetLabelLevel, SetLabelLevel
  • PdeTextLineGetTextLineFlags
  • PdeWordGetWordFlags
  • PdeElementSetBBox, SetRender, SetData, GetData, SetAlt, SetActualText, GetFlags, SetFlags, PdsContentMark, GetNumTags, GetTagName, GetTagObject, GetTagMcid, GetTagArtifact, AddTag, RemoveTag
  • PdsFormGetNumPageObjects, GetPageObject
  • PdsTextGetTextState
  • PdsPageObjectGetId, SetRender, GetStructObject, GetContentMark, GetPage
  • PdsStreamIsEof, GetSize, Read, GetPos
  • PdsDictionaryPut, GetDictionary, GetArray, GetStream, GetString, GetText, GetNumber, GetInteger, GetBoolean
  • PdsArrayPut, Insert, GetDictionary, GetArray, GetStream, GetString, GetText, GetNumber, GetInteger
  • PdsNameGetText, 
  • PdsStringGetText
  • PdsObjectGetId
  • OcrTesseractSetDataPath, SetEngine
  • TesseractDocOcrImageToPage

Modified Objects and Methods:

  • PdsStructElementGetType, GetID
  • PdfDocGetRootObject, GetInfoObject

Removed Objects and Methods:

  • PdfixSetRegex
  • PdsStructTreeReleaseStructElement
  • PdfPageReleasePageMap, ReleasePageView, GetNumMcidPageObjects, GetMcidPageObject
  • PdfDocReleasePage, RemoveStructTree
  • PdeTextLineGetFlags
  • PdeWordGetFlags
  • PdeElementSetRenderMode
  • PdsReferenceGetObjectNumber
  • OcrTesseractSetData
  • TesseractDocSave