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Animal Health International

Who We Are

In 2011, Lextron, Inc. purchased its respected and successful long-time rival, Walco International. Now operating under the name Animal Health International, Inc., the combination of these two pioneering animal health companies created the premier animal health company.

Animal Health International has been serving the needs of customers for nearly 60 years. We represent over 1,000 manufacturers that supply products focused on companion animal, equine, beef and dairy cattle, poultry and swine.

Animal Health International has direct, long standing relationships with all major animal health manufacturers, allowing us to stock quality products in our 70 plus locations including Hawaii and Canada, where they are properly stored and shipped in a timely fashion.

We have the most knowledgeable, consultative and seasoned sales force in our industry. Our reps are in constant contact with livestock producers, vets and dealers to assure that product needs are met, questions are answered and important information is shared.

Animal Health International works directly with a network of over 1,000 manufacturing partners. Providing our customers with a variety of options to best fit their animal health needs. We are proud to offer product lines from the following top manufacturers.

Exclusive Brands

Animal Health International markets over 200 products under our exclusive brands in addition to the products we distribute on behalf of our manufacturing partners. These brands include; Aspen, Aspen Dairy Solutions and First Companion. Products offered include pharmaceuticals, biologicals, insecticides, anthelmintics, dairy cleaning and sanitizing agents along with other specialty products.

The Animal Health International distribution network markets products to veterinarians, dealers and livestock producers throughout the United States.

Purchasing your animal health products and supplies from Animal Health International gives you the benefits of a business partner that provides you with a reliable, single source for all your animal health needs.

Trained Professionals

Animal Health International sales representatives are trained professionals who understand the importance of animal health and are here to assist you with all your needs.

Our experienced sales staff possess the product knowledge and deep rooted industry experience to assist you with recommendations. We want to help you achieve your overall animal health and business objectives.

Our Sales Staff:

Provides up to date information on products, programs, new technologies and animal health issues.

Are trained in product offering, regulatory compliance, immunology, pharmacology, merchandising and management.

Are a resource for improved animal health management and product information with our partnered manufacturers.

Network with over 350 outside and inside sales reps nationwide to assist in your animal health needs.

Sales and Delivery:

Animal Health International provides marketing, distribution, information management and logistics to help make our customer’s job easier.

Benefits of Working With Our Sales Team:

• Knowledgeable and professional sales staff.

• Single source supplier for all your animal health needs.

• Emergency and weekend service available.

• Split order option.

• Large national, multi-location distributor.

• Inventory management.

• Safe and efficacious products that meet manufacturers’ handling specifications.

• Reliable source of information.

• Assured compliance and handling to meet the standards with regulatory agencies and prescription drug handling.

• Interface between customer, consulting veterinarian and nutritionist.

• Delivery to multiple locations.

• Volume purchasing which ensures competitive pricing.

• Flexibility and convenience in managing inventory.

Who We Serve

The Animal Health International distribution network markets products to veterinarians, dealers and livestock producers throughout the United States, Hawaii and Canada. Animal Health International has the experience, the products, the people and the dedication to the animal health industry.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with uncompromising service.

Services We Offer

Animal Health International offers a broad range of services to help you manage your business.

Animal Technologies

Logistics & Online Ordering

Pharmacy Inventory Control

Environmental Services

Animal Technologies

Animal Health International Animal Technologies Division offers advanced management software systems to assist feeding operations in better managing assets, inventories, commodities and maintenance of financial records that are vital to cattle-feeding customers, enabling them to reduce feed shrink and expenses.

Livestock Management Systems

Animal Health

Feed Management

Animal Tracking
• Accounts Receivable

Feedlot Accounting

Feed Additive Systems

Unsurpassed Accuracy

Quality Control / Individual Ingredient Delivery

Inventory Control of Feed Ingredients

Flexibility to Meet Customer Needs

Expandable / Modular Design

Services We Offer


Animal Health International provides centralized distribution options offering manufacturers a cost effective solution to moving product via weekly shipments to various Animal Health International locations.

Central distribution offers Animal Health International branches the ability to procure the right amount of product to service their individual markets while avoiding unrealistic freight terms and order minimums. Our manufacturing partners gain the opportunity to showcase their full line of products to all customers nationwide offering the ideal environment for product promotion, sales and share growth.

Online Ordering

Animal Health International’s e-commerce site offers a comprehensive line of animal health products available for online ordering, which showcases the wide variety of products offered by our manufacturing partners. Animal Health International offers our customers flexibility in acquiring knowledge and information on products important to their businesses.

Pharmacy Inventory Control

Our Pharmacy Inventory Control System provides our customers with the ability to better manage their product and inventory usage in a clinic, store or farm. This simplified inventory system makes life easier whether receiving, removing or ordering inventory and can be done completely wireless.

Environmental Services

Protecting our environment and providing solutions to our customer base to help manage their impact on the land and surrounding communities is an important goal of Animal Health International.

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