Add Tags to PDF

Improve Accessibility in Existing PDF Files

Add Tags to PDF

What is a Tagged PDF?

A significant part of making PDF accessible is ensuring the document is tagged. A tagged PDF is a document that includes an underlying tag tree that defines the structure of the whole PDF document. PDF tags give the ability to identify content as headings, lists, tables, etc., and to include alternate descriptions for images.

Auto-Tag API

Our automatic tagging is a powerful feature of our SDK. It significantly improves the quality of untagged PDF files whether you need to follow accessibility standards, publish PDFs on the web, or access structural data in your files.

Step-by-step Video Tutorials

Afraid of how to get started? See our easy-to-understand video tutorials on tagging a PDF, including the Autotag feature. Then realize that you are a click away to download this powerful tool.

Autotag a PDF

Go ahead and try our Autotag feature. It easily recognizes all important structures in your documents like tables, lists, and reading order. Our engine is designed in a way that allows adjustments for the specifics of your PDF. Watch PDFix Desktop Pro step-by-step video tutorial or visit our blog to see how easy it is!

PDFix Desktop Tutorial: How to Make a PDF Accessible. Click to load the Embed YouTube Player to play the video.

Manually Tag a PDF

Ensuring that your PDF is properly tagged is crucial when creating an accessible document. PDFix Desktop PRO allows you to manually add tags to your document and therefore, ensure its compliance with accessibility standards. For more information, watch our detailed step-by-step video tutorial or visit our blog.

PDFix Desktop Tutorial: Manual Tagging. Click to load the Embed YouTube Player to play the video.

Fix Incorrectly Tagged Table

A properly tagged table makes it easier to read content in complicated tables with repetitive data. Not with us! Use PDFix Desktop Pro to easily fix an incorrectly tagged table in your PDF. Watch ourPDFix Desktop Pro video tutorial or visit our blog now!

PDFix Desktop Tutorial: How to fix incorrectly tagged tables in your PDF. Click to load the Embed YouTube Player to play the video.

For Windows, Linux and macOS

PDFix Desktop Lite Icon in the gray color, which illustrates the "Lite" features.

Desktop Lite

PDFix Desktop Lite is a multiplatform PDF viewer with a built-in accessibility tool.

PDFix Desktop Pro Icon in blue color, which illustrates powerful PDF features built on the PDFix SDK

Desktop Pro

PDFix Desktop is a complex solution for PDF Accessibility, PDF Conversion and Data Extraction designed for professionals and businesses of all sizes.

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PDFix SDK is a cross-platform solution to Automatically Extract Structured Data from any PDF.

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