Release Notes

Version 5.0.44 (March 15th 2020)


  • PDFix SDK Core
    • PdfDoc::AddWatermarkFromImage – fixed z-order placement
    • Bug fixes and stability improvements
Download PDFix SDK 5.0.44

Version 5.0.41 (February 11th 2020)


  • PDFix SDK Core
    • Content detection updates and bug fixes
Download PDFix SDK 5.0.41

Version 5.0.40 (December 13th 2019)


  • PDF toHTML
    • URI Link conversion fix
Download PDFix SDK 5.0.40

Version 5.0.39 (November 21th 2019)


  • PDFix SDK Core
    • PdfPage::FlattenFormXObjects() fix
Download PDFix SDK 5.0.39

Version 5.0.36 (October 10th 2019)


  • PDFix SDK Core
    • PdfAccessibleParams – added create_bookmarks parameter to control bokmark creation in MakeAccessible method
    • PdfDoc::AddTags, MakeAccessible
      • Images tagged by default with an AltText “Figure” unless defined by the config file
      • Tables tagged with table headers by default
  • PDF to HTML
    • AcroForm – this.submitForm() method fix
Download PDFix SDK 5.0.36

Version 5.0.34 (September 30th 2019)


Download PDFix SDK 5.0.34

Version 5.0 (June 7th 2019)

The major release focused on accessibility, PDF/UA compliance and custom configurations.
A new PDFix SDK Enterprise version brings the ability to customize layout detection, data extraction, and tagging.

New functions allow developers to programmatically create content structure (PdsStructTree, PdsStructElement) and also manipulate and edit existing structure elements, marked content, properties, and attributes.
With manual adjustments, you will have full control over the process of creating PDF/UA compliant files.

The automated data extraction process is now fully customizable via the configuration file. In addition to the general set of thresholds, a developer can use special query language to dramatically improve the quality of data extraction.

These two major features in combination can streamline your remediation workflows.

Download PDFix SDK 5.0.27
New Objects and Methods:
  • PdfixRegisterPlugin, GetPluginByName,  GetEvent
  • PdfixPlugin –  GetPdfixVersionMajor, GetPdfixVersionMinor, GetPdfixVersionPatch
  • PsEventGetType, GetDoc, GetPage, GetAnnot
  • PdsStructTreeGetObject, RemoveKid, CreateStructElement, GetDoc, UpdateParentTree
  • PdsStructElementSetAlt, AddAttrObj, RemoveAttrObj, RemoveKid, CreateStructElement, SetParent, AddPageObject, AddAnnot, GetStructTree, SetType
  • PdfPageViewRelease
  • PdePageMapRelease, AcquireElements, CreateElement,  AddTags
  • PdfPageRelease, GetLogicalRotate, CreatePageMap, GetNumPageObjects, GetPageObject, GetResources, GetObject, FlattenFormXObjects, GetContentFlags, SetContent, GetDoc
  • PdfDocTemplateGetProperty, SetProperty, GetRegex, SetRegex
  • PdfDocRemoveTags, CreateDictObject, CreateArrayObject, CreateNameObject, CreateStringObject, CreateIntObject, CreateNumberObject, CreateStreamObject, GetObjectById, CreateStructTree, RemoveStructTree, RemoveBookmarks, CreateBookmarks, AddFontMissingUnicode
  • PdfAnnotGetStructObject
  • PdfActionGetDestPageNum
  • PdeTextGetTextFlags, GetLabelLevel, SetLabelLevel
  • PdeTextLineGetTextLineFlags
  • PdeWordGetWordFlags
  • PdeElementSetBBox, SetRender, SetData, GetData, SetAlt, SetActualText, GetFlags, SetFlags, PdsContentMark, GetNumTags, GetTagName, GetTagObject, GetTagMcid, GetTagArtifact, AddTag, RemoveTag
  • PdsFormGetNumPageObjects, GetPageObject
  • PdsTextGetTextState
  • PdsPageObjectGetId, SetRender, GetStructObject, GetContentMark, GetPage
  • PdsStreamIsEof, GetSize, Read, GetPos
  • PdsDictionaryPut, GetDictionary, GetArray, GetStream, GetString, GetText, GetNumber, GetInteger, GetBoolean
  • PdsArrayPut, Insert, GetDictionary, GetArray, GetStream, GetString, GetText, GetNumber, GetInteger
  • PdsNameGetText, 
  • PdsStringGetText
  • PdsObjectGetId
  • OcrTesseractSetDataPath, SetEngine
  • TesseractDocOcrImageToPage

Modified Objects and Methods:

  • PdsStructElementGetType, GetID
  • PdfDocGetRootObject, GetInfoObject

Removed Objects and Methods:

  • PdfixSetRegex
  • PdsStructTreeReleaseStructElement
  • PdfPageReleasePageMap, ReleasePageView, GetNumMcidPageObjects, GetMcidPageObject
  • PdfDocReleasePage, RemoveStructTree
  • PdeTextLineGetFlags
  • PdeWordGetFlags
  • PdeElementSetRenderMode
  • PdsReferenceGetObjectNumber
  • OcrTesseractSetData
  • TesseractDocSave

Version 4.1.0 (October 3rd 2018)

New Features:

  • PdsObject API – access to PDF low level objects
  • PdsStructTree API – access to PDF document structure tree (Tags)
  • PDF to XML conversion


  • PDFix SDK Core
    • PdfDoc::GetInfo returns empty string if Info dict not present
    • PdfPage::GetMediaBox returns bounding box 0,0,612,792 if not present
    • PdeContentWriter
      • content stream optimization for TJ and Tj operators
      • type3 font support
      • inline image support
    • PdfFlattenAnnotsParams – added flat_annot member to select annotation type to flatten
    • PdfDocTemplate
      • added kTrDetectRotation (automatic detection of page rotation flag)
      • added kMinCharClipRatio (clipping area intersection threshold)
      • added kTrMaxLineSpacing (maximum line spacing in paragraph threshold)
      • removed kTemplateFlatAnnots (use flat_annot in PdfFlattenAnnotsParams instead)
      • removed kTrLineSpacingTextSplit (use kTrMaxLineSpacing instead)
      • removed kTrLineSpacing (use kTrMaxLineSpacing instead)
      • removed kTemplateAcceptTags
    • PdfPageMap
      • applied kTextFlagStrikeout flag on text when Cross-Out annotation is in place
      • text outside of clip area treated as artifact
      • split filling words into separate PdeTexts
    • AddTags
      • set generic Form Field tooltip when missing TU key
      • extra spaces in text handling
    • Metadata – support of in dc:title update
    • ErrorCode – renamed kErrorPdfCosObjInvalid to kErrorPdsObjectInvalid
    • Xref stream support when saving files
  • PDF to HTML
    • text decoration under text markup annotations (highlight, underline, cross-out, squiggly)
    • css & html validation fixes
    • removed css white-space: -pre-wrap, -o-pre-wrap, -moz-pre-wrap as unsupported properties
    • fixed .pdf-page h1 h2 h3 h4 to .pdf-page h1, ,pdf-page h2, … to apply style on .pdf-page only, same with .pdf-page.responsive table h1 .. h4
    • fixed < input > maxLength property – missing quotes
    • changed < input > defaultValue property to data-default-value
    • PdfToHtmlDoc::SaveDocHtml, SavePageHtml memory allocation fix
    • unwanted “)” in html output
    • textarea CSS – scrollbar was missing in case of long text
  • Command Line Interface
    • PDF to HTML – added options: -page_width, -image_format, -image_quality
Download PDFix 4.1.0:

Version 4.0.5 (August 20th 2018)


  • Bug fixes in PDF Auto Tag conversion:
    • Text tagging fix
    • Text content writer fix
Download PDFix 4.0.5:

Version 3.2.5 (August 1st 2018)


  • Bug fixes in PDF to HTML conversion
    • removed css properties white-space: -pre-wrap, -o-pre-wrap, -moz-pre-wrap
    • fixed css .pdf-page h1 h2 h3 h4 to .pdf-page h1, ,pdf-page h2, … not to apply style outside .pdf-page (same with .pdf-page.responsive table h1 .. h4)
    • fixed missing quotes in maxLength property in input element
    • changed defaultValue property to data-default-value in input element
Download PDFix 3.2.5:

Version 4.0.1 (June 20th 2018)

  • Updated c# wrapper
  • Stability improvements
  • New sample on Github for c# 
  • OcrTesseract::SetLanguage parameters update
  • Font subsetting update
Bug fixes:
  • Table recognition fix

Version 3.2.4 (May 18th 2018)


  • PdfFormField::GetFontName returns user friendly font name
  • Bug fixes in PDF to HTML conversion
    • form field font style support (font family, size)
    • form field NoScroll flag support for textarea
    • form field MaxLen support

Version 3.2.3 (May 8th 2018)


  • Thread-safe support for jni interface

Version 4.0.0 (May 7th 2018)

New Features:

  • Make PDF Accessible – allows you to convert PDF to PDF/UA
  • OCR module – allows you to convert scanned PDF into searchable PDF
  • EmbedFonts – allows you to embed/subset fonts in PDF document
  • Github repository samples
  • Online documentation
  • Trial key authorization update
  • PdfixPlugin::GetID was removed
  • PsImage::Save renamed to SaveToStream, new PsImage::Save()
  • PsMetadata object
  • PdfDoc::SetLang, PdfDoc::GetLang
  • Read/write document metadata (title, author, creator, description) and sync. with Info dict
  • PdfDoc::GetMetadata,
  • PdsStructElement renamed to PdfStructElement
Bug fixes:
  • PdfToHtml – Link annotations with URI action in a fixed view
  • File size issue after saving file
  • Incremental save fix
  • Digital signature fix
  • Content writer – double, float value format – no exponent
  • PdePageMap android crash fix

Version 3.2.2 (February 22th 2018)


  • Command line application now supports relative path names for input and output files
  • Ability to reset previously modified Document templates
  • Content detection enhancements
    • bullet detection
    • rotated text handling
  • Bug fixes in PDF to HTML conversion
    • table column alignment
    • duplicate form field elements in fixed layout
    • incorrect url data format in embedded image streams
Download PDFix 3.2.2:

Version 3.2.0 (February 8th 2018)

New features

  • New PDF to HTML conversions
    • Support for JPEG image format and image quality
    • Simplified CSS in the output


  • Improved content extraction algorithms
    • Tables, charts, bullets, lists, TOC, headers/footers recognition update
    • Reading order detection improvements
  • Customizable document templates
    • Ability to configure content extraction and Autotag process for speficid document type or document set (please contact support for more information)
  • General bug fixes

Version 3.0.0 (October 3th 2017)

New features

  • Autotag – Add tags to PDF automatically
    • Make PDF accessible
    • PDF/UA compliant


  • New PDF to HTML conversions
    • PDF conversion to embeddable <div> html element
    • Embedded resources
  • Streams support
  • Improved content extraction algorithms
    • Table detection
    • Paragraph recognition
    • List detection
    • Table of contents detection
  • Customizable document templates

Version 2.0.0 (February 16th 2017)

  • PDF to HTML conversion SDK
  • Fixed or Responsive layout output
  • Multiple HTML files output or one continuous HTML page
  • TrueType Font Extraction
  • Text size output control
  • AcroForm support

Version 2.0.0 (February 16th 2017)

  • More accurate elements detection
  • Text Tables detection improvement
  • Colspan and Rowspan bug fixies
  • Text Paragraphs detection improvement
  • Bullets recognition
  • Repeated pattern detection (patterns of characters, such as a series of dots or dashes, between a tab and the following text)
  • Background image separation
  • Drop Cap text detection
  • Form Field flattening

Version 1.0.2 (June 24th 2016)

  • Text tables detection
  • Lists and Table of contents detection
  • Image intersection improvement
  • Words detection improvement
  • Elements clipping improvement
  • Reading order detection improvement
  • Header/Footer detection

Windows, MacOS, Linux

Java, Python, C#, C++