Effortlessly Convert PDFs into HTML

Responsive PDF by PDFix. Click to load the Embed YouTube Player to play the video.

PDF to HTML Conversion: Quick and Easy Process

Discover why HTML is a popular choice for storing and sharing documents. With PDFix, effortlessly convert any PDF into an HTML document using three customizable conversion methods tailored to your specific needs.


PDF Form Filling in Web Browser

PDFix converts PDF Form to HTML form with the support of AcroForm technology. Our product provides an automated, full-featured PDF Form solution ready to integrate into web-based applications.

Mobile Reading Experience by PDFix

Tired of constantly zooming in on PDFs while reading on your smartphone or tablet? Liquid Mode transforms your PDF experience by automatically reformatting content to fit your screen perfectly. It enhances readability with intuitive navigation tools, making PDF documents on mobile devices more accessible and hassle-free.

Mobile Reading Experience by PDFix

Structured (tagged) PDF to HTML

Our Derivation algorithm produces conversion to HTML from a tagged PDF. A well-tagged PDF documents with fixed layout derives HTML layout from tags and based on this, quickly and very easily creates fully responsive HTML.

Unstructured (untagged) PDF to HTML

The vast majority of PDFs are unstructured and not tagged at all. Therefore, our team created conversion with the Layout Recognition Tool powered by AI and Machine Learning to insert the correct structure into PDF and easily convert it to HTML.

Fixed HTML

The most straightforward option is – Convert to Fixed HTML. This conversion creates a traditional fixed (non-responsive) HTML that keeps the content layout and original formatting. However, nowadays, responsive HTML is needed and strongly preferred to preserve a unified look of the document on all possible devices.

Discover PDFix Desktop in Action.

Experience seamless data extraction with PDFix Desktop Pro, whether it’s simple text or complex structures. Our tool provides versatile methods to extract data efficiently from your documents.

Explore our interactive PDFix Desktop Pro video for a step-by-step demonstration of this intuitive process or visit our blog on HTML conversion.

PDFix Desktop Tutorial: How to Convert a PDF to HTML. Click to load the Embed YouTube Player to play the video.

For Windows, Linux and macOS

PDFix Desktop Lite Icon in the gray color, which illustrates the "Lite" features.

Desktop Lite

PDFix Desktop Lite is a multiplatform PDF viewer with a built-in accessibility tool.

PDFix Desktop Pro Icon in blue color, which illustrates powerful PDF features built on the PDFix SDK

Desktop Pro

PDFix Desktop is a complex solution for PDF Accessibility, PDF Conversion and Data Extraction designed for professionals and businesses of all sizes.

PDFix SDK Icon in the green color


PDFix SDK is a cross-platform solution to Automatically Extract Structured Data from any PDF.

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