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The PDFix SDK is available on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android platforms. Integrate our API into your applications by using C++, Java, C# or .NET Framework

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Standard PDF Featues

View, Edit, Render, Comment, Print, Search, Sign. Extract Data, Texts, Images and Tables. Convert PDF to HTML, XML, CVS, JSON. Fill Forms, Convert PDF Form to HTML Forms. Add Tags, Make Accessible, Convert PDF to PDF/UA

Logical Content Extraction and Conversion

Document Layout and Structure Recognition. Intelligent Data Extraction. Text, Images, Charts, Tables, Lists Extraction. HTML, HTMl5, JSON, Word, Excel, CSV, XML Conversions. PDF Structured Data Scraping or Mining

Convert PDF files to HTML

PDF to HTML conversion in Original Fixed layout or Responsive layout with Content Reflow. Conversion to HTML with or without external references. PDF Document JavaScript support. HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 support. Embed PDF into Web page

PDF Forms to HTML Forms

True PDF Form experience with Field Validation and Calculation. Form Field Flattening and Signing. Native HTML form support. Inputs, Dropdown lists, Checkboxes, Radio buttons


Detect tables borders. Detect table colums and rows. Extract tables into CSV output


Convert PDF files into XML. Manipulate the data as required. Custom conversion configurations

Add Tags to PDF

Simple extraction of text and graphics for pasting into other applications. Processing text for such purposes as searching, indexing, and spell-checking. Making content accessible to people who rely on assistive technology

Make your PDF files Accessible

PDF/UA Compiliance. Make PDF Files Accessible. Add Tags to PDF Files. Decrease PDF Remediation time and costs. Follow Accessibility Standards, Laws and regulations

PDF Data Scraping

Search Text inside PDFs. Detect and Export Tables. Extract Annotations. Use Regular Expression, Pattern Matching

Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS

Java, Python, C#, C++

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