PDFix Web App

Nothing Is Impossible With PDFix. Even On The Web!

PDFix Web App

The Only System Requirement: A Web Browser

The web app is powered with the WebAssembly build of the PDFix SDK, running directly in your web browser. It brings PDFix Desktop near-native performance.

Client Or Server Sided?

Our main objective is to provide users with seamless delivery of PDF features using web technology and WebAssembly. However, for more advanced functionalities such as online cooperation or enhanced performance, it may be necessary to use a PDFix back-end server to expand the capabilities.

High-Quality On-Demand PDF Rendering

With the PDFix back-end server scenario, a PDF document doesn´t have to be present on the device. It is possible to provide a high-quality rendering of large files, even those with hundreds of megabytes in size, at minimal data transfer rates. Plus, it allows pleasant browsing of PDFs also in areas with poor internet connection.

Integrated PDF To HTML View

Converting any PDF into HTML with PDFix is easy. The most convenient method is to use our web app, which provides immediate results. The integrated view supports both fixed and responsive output for converting PDF to HTML.

Give It A Try:

On the File Menu, select open your PDF document. To enable the “PDF to HTML” view, click on the HTML icon located in the right panel. Next, click on the “Use PDF to HTML” button and choose the desired HTML layout.

Interested in PDFix for Web?

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