Learn how to use PDFix for converting your PDF into a fully responsive HTML. 

Watch the video for a step-by-step explanation of the process.

Nowadays, many people prefer using HTML to store or share their documents.  PDFix allows you to easily convert your chosen pdf into an HTML document in just a few simple clicks. You can watch the linked video for a step-by-step explanation of the entire process.  We offer three different conversion methods for creating an HTML document based on your needs. These include the Convert to HTML, Convert to Fixed HTML and Derivation methods.

Convert to Fixed HTML

First, the most straightforward option – Convert to Fixed HTML. This conversion creates a traditional fixed (non-responsive) HTML that keeps the content layout and original formatting. However, nowadays, responsive HTML is needed and strongly preferred in order to preserve a unified look of the document on all possible devices.

A page from an HTML document created using the Convert to Fixed HTML method.


The need for a fully responsive HTML brings us to the other two conversions, namely the Derivation and the Convert to HTML methods. The Derivation method can be used after ensuring that your PDF is correctly tagged. The Derivation algorithm derives the HTML layout from the tags of your PDF and, based on this, creates a fully responsive HTML. This can, however, produce a visibly faulty document when incorrect tags are used.

A page from an HTML document created using the Derivation method.

Convert to HTML

Nowadays, the vast majority of PDFs are not tagged correctly, if at all. That is why we offer a third solution in the Convert To HTML method. This conversion is powered by an AI engine and machine learning in order to insert the correct structure into your PDF and convert it to HTML. We recommend trying this method if your PDF is untagged, tagged incorrectly or if you are unhappy with the results from the previous conversion.

A page from an HTML document created using the Convert to HTML method.

If there are any additional problems present in your created HTML, you can fix them manually. We will guide you through the process and explain all problems that could arise in upcoming videos.