A cross-platform solution. Integrate PDF functionality into your workflows.

PDFix Command-Line Interface

Take full control over the PDF documents

PDFix SDK analyses the key components of the PDF and makes it easily available for you to manipulate. It’s a high-performance C++ library that helps software developers and end-users integrate PDF functionality into their workflows.

Automated Remediation

Automated Data Extraction

PDF to HTML Conversion

Standard Features

Make Accessible using PDFix SDK

Automated PDF Remediation

PDFix SDK provides the power to make existing PDF files accessible automatically. It helps you convert PDF files to high-quality accessible PDF/UA. Our Auto-Tag feature recognizes all important structures in your documents. Plus, automated batch processing saves time and reduces remediation costs.

Automated Data Extraction

Have you ever tried to get any data from various PDF files? Then you know how painful it is! Not with PDFix. Machine learning techniques help us to create an algorithm that allows you to extract data in an easily structured way.

PDFix SDK provides different levels of data extraction. No matter which data extraction level you use, you can export data as HTML or JSON or use PDFix API calls to use data directly in your workflows. Based on your use case, you can extract only simple data or data enriched with formatting or other information.

PDF to HTML Conversion

PDFix SDK allows you to automatically convert PDF to HTML in different ways. Is your document already tagged? Excellent! Then it is easy to use the Derivation algorithm that converts well-tagged PDF files into HTML.

If your PDFs are untagged or not tagged properly, you might use the PDFix to HTML conversion with an underlying logical structure detection. We use machine learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to deliver the best results.

Another option, PDF is converted just as is, and graphics remain unchanged after conversion. We guarantee pixel-perfect page rendering with dynamic zoom support.

Standard PDF Features

PDFix SDK is a high-performance C++ library that helps software developers and end-users integrate PDF functionality into their workflows.

Available on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux platforms, apps in the language of your choice, including C++, C#, Java, and Python.


We are always open to customize settings of the automated extraction and conversion process as well as improve the quality of the extracted data. Feel free to drop us a few lines about your project’s requirements. We can definitely contribute to your solution to make it more effective.

For Windows, Linux and macOS

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