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PDFix offers a powerful PDF SDK with primary focus to logical content extraction and adding structure to PDF documents.

With over 20 years of experience working with PDF, we have introduced a completely new way of looking at PDF. Our recognition algorithm can convert any PDF into a logically structured document and improve PDF readability, usability, and accessibility.

PDFix SDK is a cross-platform tool, that allows high volume document processing, integration into existing workflows or products and custom solutions for processing PDF documents.

Standard PDF manipulation

PDFix provides complete set of standard features like page rendering, commenting, access metadata, bookmarks, apply stamps or digital signature.

PDF Autotag and Accessibility

PDFix SDK can add a missing tag structure into PDF or turn a PDF document into an accessible PDF/UA compliant document. It saves time and reduces remediation costs rapidly.

PDF Data Extraction

PDFix SDK enables fast access to PDF data and conversion to structured formats like CSV, XML or JSON. It provides structured data for further use in big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning or business intelligence applications.

PDF to HTML conversion

PDFix SDK can turn PDF into a HTML web page including AcroForm support. This allows viewing, form-filling and PDF manipulation through any web browser. Responsive HTML conversion helps reading PDF documents on small devices with the content reflow.


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