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Download PDFix SDK & CLI and Integrate it easily

1. Download PDFix SDK & CLI

We have built this SDK to be as user friendly as possible and to cover every possible scenario. Making a completely responsive PDF experience we have covered the ability for this to run on all major desktop and mobile platforms.

Please download the proper package for your operating system and architecture.

2. Get Trial License Key

Generate trial license key for your platform. We will send you a trial license key immediately into your email. Use this license key to initialize PDFix in your application. It works with the latest version only!

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3. Choose your package

Follow the matrix below to choose the right packages from the PDFix SDK library.

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Choose the packages:
Tesseract OCR

4. Integrate PDFix into your code

This repository contains PDFix SDK Samples to showcase how to easily run PDFix technology on your environment.
Samples help you to integrate PDFix technology into your applications. You will find it in our documentation.
If you run into trouble, contact us at
Free 30 days Trial with the full feature set.
Adjustable according to your solution needs.
Integrate PDFix into Java applications (Netbeans, Android Studio, Eclipse)
package net.pdfix.samples;
import net.pdfix.Utils;
import net.pdfix.pdfixlib.Pdfix;
public class Initialization {
public static void run(
String email, // authorization email
String licenseKey // license key
) throws Exception {
Pdfix pdfix = new Pdfix();
if (pdfix == null)
throw new Exception("Pdfix initialization fail");
if (!pdfix.Authorize(email, licenseKey))
throw new Exception(pdfix.GetError());
if (pdfix.GetVersionMajor() != Pdfix.PDFIX_VERSION_MAJOR ||
pdfix.GetVersionMinor() != Pdfix.PDFIX_VERSION_MINOR ||
pdfix.GetVersionPatch() != Pdfix.PDFIX_VERSION_PATCH)
throw new Exception("Pdfix invalid version");
// ...
Integrate PDFix into C++ applications (XCode, Visual Studio)
#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include "Pdfix.h"
const std::wstring& email, // authorization email
const std::wstring& license_key // authorization license key
) {
// initialize Pdfix
if (!Pdfix_init(Pdfix_MODULE_NAME))
throw std::runtime_error("Pdfix initialization fail");
Pdfix* pdfix = GetPdfix();
if (!pdfix)
throw std::runtime_error("GetPdfix fail");
if (pdfix->GetVersionMajor() != PDFIX_VERSION_MAJOR ||
pdfix->GetVersionMinor() != PDFIX_VERSION_MINOR ||
pdfix->GetVersionPatch() != PDFIX_VERSION_PATCH)
throw std::runtime_error("Incompatible version");
if (!pdfix->Authorize(email.c_str(), license_key.c_str()))
throw std::runtime_error(pdfix->GetError());
// ...
Integrate PDFix into C# applications
using System;
using PDFixSDK.Pdfix;
namespace PDFix.App.Module
public static void Run(
String email, // authorization email
String licenseKey // license key
Pdfix pdfix = new Pdfix();
if (pdfix == null)
throw new Exception("Pdfix initialization fail. Please set correct email and license key.");
if (!pdfix.Authorize(email, licenseKey))
throw new Exception(pdfix.GetError());
if (!pdfix.IsAuthorized())
throw new Exception("Pdfix Authorization fail");
// ...