PDFix Desktop Beta

PDFix Desktop Beta

PDFix desktop application isn’t just an ordinary pdf editor with tagging capabilities. Powered by our SDK, PDFix is a complex solution for validating, remediating, and creating fully accessible pdf documents compliant with legally required standards like 508, ADA, and WCAG.

Powered by AI engines

Our extensive algorithms powered by AI engines, for automatic layout and object detection, help users effectively identify and process parts of the document. A module for batch processing and automated tagging on the other side is available for our customers that need to automate repetitive tasks. Helping users with manual processes like checking compliance, navigating to a specific location in the content or tag tree, and allowing users to fix errors.

Meet the legal requirements

Every business, independent or government agency, library or archive can utilize PDFix to meet the legal requirements and prepare pdf documents for publishing for an affordable price. Providing flexible pricing model for small, where the number of processed pages is relatively slow to large, where they need to automatically process up to hundreds of thousands of pages.

It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.