PDFix SDK 8.0 Release: What’s New!

Welcome to the PDFix SDK 8.0 release! We’ve been deep in development, behind the scene crafting commands that automate and turbocharge the entire process of making PDF documents accessible. Our advanced commands are finely tuned for lightning-fast batch processing, empowering you to handle thousands of files in just minutes.

Launched on May 2, 2024, let’s delve into what’s new!


  • New Batch Commands
    • Save validation report into file
    • Remove standard tags mapping
    • Set PDF/UA Standard
    • Set Suspect Value
    • Fix Optional Content
    • Remove Standard Tags Mapping
    • Fix Media Clip
    • Tag Annotations
    • Set Tag BBox
    • Set Alternate Description
  • New Batch Command Parameters
    • Set Document Properties
      • Set Producer
      • Set Keywords
    • Set Title
      • Use the first Description Tag
      • Retrieve the title from the file name
    • Set Language
      • Apply Language to Document, Tag, Marked Content
    • Delete Tags
      • Invalid Tags
  • Added PsProgressControl class to control long processes (replaces cancelProc parameter)
  • Added new PdfDoc enumeration interfaces with custom selection for bookmarks, pages, page objects, fonts, structure elements
  • Added PsCommand.Run function (replaces individual PsCommand methods)


  • Editing tags and content marks of for XObjects


  • New simplified and customizable command line make-accessible command
  • CancelProc for terminating processes has been relocated to PsProgressControl, affecting all related API functions.

You can explore all the release notes for PDFix SDK in one place on PDFix GitHub under the Changelog.

Happy PDFixing!