Scrape the PDF Data easily with the PDFix SDK

Scrape PDF Data Easily with PDFix SDK

Automated web scraping services provide fast data acquirement in structured format. No matter if used for big data, data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning or business intelligence applications. The scraped data come from various sources and forms. It can be websites, various databases, XML feeds and CSV, TXT or XLS file formats for example.

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Worth scraping

Billions of PDF files stored online form a huge data library worth scraping. Have you ever tried to get any data from various PDF files? Then you know how painful it is. We have created an algorithm that allows you to extract data in an easily readable structured way. With PDFix we can recognize all logical structures and we can give you a hierarchical structure of document elements in correct reading order.

PDFix SDK here it comes

With the PDFix SDK we believe your web crawler can be programmed to access the PDF files and:

  • Search Text inside PDFs – you can find and extract specific information
  • Detect and Export Tables
  • Extract Annotations
  • Detect and Extract Related Images
  • Use Regular Expression, Pattern Matching
  • Detect and Scrape information from Charts

Structured format

You will need the scraped data from PDFs in various formats. With the PDFix you will get a structured output in:

  • CSV
  • HTML
  • XML
  • JSON