Make PDF Accessible

We make your PDF PDF/UA compliant.

What is Accessible PDF?

An accessible PDF is a document that adheres to accessibility standards, significantly enhancing readability for users with disabilities who rely on screen reader software.

For a PDF to be considered accessible, it must meet specific technical criteria, including proper heading structure, hyperlinks, alt text for images, appropriate colors, correct fonts, easy table navigation, lists, and more.

What is PDF Remediation?

PDF remediation is the process of making a PDF accessible and ensuring it meets accessibility standards like PDF/UA or WCAG. It involves employing various techniques to enhance accessibility, ensuring your content is accessible to all users.

Adding Tags to PDF

A significant part of making the PDF document accessible is to ensure the PDF is tagged. A tagged PDF includes an underlying tag tree which clearly defines the structure of the PDF document. Tags allow screen readers to read and navigate the PDF. PDFix allows you to very quickly and easily add tags to a PDF using the “Autotag” feature.

Ensuring PDF/UA Compliance

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and PDF/UA standards provide comprehensive guidance for making PDFs accessible. As a member of the PDF Association, PDFix supports compliance with PDF standards that align with legal requirements.

PDFix Products Range for Accessibility

The Product Range for Accessibility

From intuitive and easy-to-use desktop apps to powerful command-line and performance-focused code integration.

PDFix Desktop Pro – For Everyone!

No worries, you do not need any special skills to remediate and make your PDF files accessible. Our PDFix Desktop Pro allows anyone to make their own PDFs accessible. PDFix software is designed to enable you to remediate with the greatest of ease and without effort. Plus, our advanced recognition algorithms convert any PDF into a logically structured document.

Do not waste your time and have a look at our PDFix Desktop Pro video tutorial. See how to make your PDF accessible with just a few simple clicks!

PDFix Desktop: PDF Remediation & PDF Accessibility Overview. Click to load the Embed YouTube Player to play the video.

The PDFix Desktop is available to download for Windows, Linux, and MacOs.

PDFix SDK – For Developers

PDFix SDK provides developers with a set of tools and libraries to work with PDF documents programmatically using various programming languages such as C++, .NET, and Java. Besides, it provides a comprehensive set of APIs that enable developers to perform a variety of tasks.

One of the advantages of our SDK is its ease of use and flexibility. It comes with a comprehensive documentation and a set of examples that help developers to get started quickly.

So, let’s get started!

PDFix - The Powerful PDF API. Click to load the Embed YouTube Player to play the video.

Let’s start with integration into your application fast and easily in C++, Java, .Net Framework, .Net Core, Python, or Node.js.

For Windows, Linux and macOS

PDFix Desktop Lite Icon in the gray color, which illustrates the "Lite" features.

Desktop Lite

PDFix Desktop Lite is a multiplatform PDF viewer with a built-in accessibility tool.

PDFix Desktop Pro Icon in blue color, which illustrates powerful PDF features built on the PDFix SDK

Desktop Pro

PDFix Desktop is a complex solution for PDF Accessibility, PDF Conversion and Data Extraction designed for professionals and businesses of all sizes.

PDFix SDK Icon in the green color


PDFix SDK is a cross-platform solution to Automatically Extract Structured Data from any PDF.

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