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Make your PDF accessible. You can decide whether to only add tags or make your PDF fully PDF/UA compliant.

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Making PDF accessible is not an easy task and the quality depends on the original PDF layout. There is no perfect algorithm that works under all circumstances and our online engine uses only general configuration file which should be ok for majority of cases.We are always trying to improve our recognition and conversion engines. cIf you’re not satisfied with the output feel free to contact us. We can customize settings of the automated conversion tool for your document set and improve quality of the converted PDFs.

Command Line usage

Integrate Make PDF Accessible functionality very easily with our command-line utility. If you have image-only PDF, please use OCR command before. A basic usage example:

Add Tags:
pdfix_app {EMAIL} {LICENSEKEY} -addtags input.pdf output.pdf
Make Accessible:
pdfix_app {EMAIL} {LICENSEKEY} -makeaccessible input.pdf output.pdf -lang en -title Title
pdfix_app {EMAIL} {LICENSEKEY} -ocr input.pdf output.pdf -lang eng -data ocr/tesseract

Integrate into your solution!

Everything you need to quickly build a prototype. Check real examples, based on common tasks that many users want to accomplish.

PDFix GitHub repository contains samples to showcase how to easily run PDFix technology on your environment.
Check PDF to XML sample how to convert PDF file into structured XML format in our documentation.

Windows, MacOS, Linux

Java, Python, C#, C++