A New Way of Document Viewing: PDF as Responsive HTML Solution

In today’s digital age, PDFs have long been trusted for their fixed layouts. However, as technology progresses, the demand for flexibility grows stronger. Modern world demands adaptability and a format that machines can digest easily while still maintaining the integrity of the document. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of tagged documents and how they enhance document viewing, conversions, and sharing.

But why HTML? Simple – it’s the language of the internet. Universally supported and adaptable across platforms, HTML is the key to reaching users wherever they are. By converting PDFs into HTML, we’re unlocking a world of possibilities for better user experiences and more efficient data processing. It’s about harnessing the power of both formats to drive innovation and revolutionize how we interact with digital content.

Deriving HTML From PDF

Convert Tagged PDF to Responsive HTML

PDFix uses derivation algorithm to generate responsive HTML output from a tagged PDF. The key to success? Through tagging. Well tagged PDF lead to smooth conversions and effective reuse. The structure outlined in tagged PDF is crucial for further document processes and for achieving optimal outcomes.

The presence of document tags guarantees the expected user experience. Moreover, it provides a strong foundation for additional document processes such as PDF viewing in HTML web pages, as well as the conversions for automated processing. And there is more – with a few tweaks, our developers can extract content from tagged PDFs into any format you desire!

A Customer Story

Facing Challenges, Finding Solutions

In the fast-paced world of local civic authorities, sharing crucial information with citizens is vital. However, our customer faced a significant challenge: their existing document formats were unreliable and inaccessible, hindering their ability to effectively share information with citizens. This challenge was not just a minor inconvenience – it had a significant impact on their authority. Daily user complaints and difficulties in sharing documents were common occurrences.

Faced with these major obstacles, the customer turned to PDFix, well-known for its customized solutions for various use cases. Their criteria were clear: they needed a solution capable of handling a vast number of PDF documents and seamlessly converting them into accessible formats for online web distribution, allowing access to crucial data for citizens. What’s more, they required seamless integration into their existing workflow to ensure smooth, user-friendly document conversions on their site and to secure a long-lasting document distribution solution and accessibility.

The Results

With our groundbreaking technology, the customer discovered their perfect match! PDFix seamlessly integrated into their workflow, offering not only efficiency but also user-friendliness. We embarked on effortlessly converting a multitude of documents into a responsive web-based viewer for online distribution while ensuring accessibility. How did we achieve this feat? Through innovative tagging and automation, we provided readily accessible content derived from tagged PDFs, completely transforming the document viewing experience. In sync with our efforts, we unveiled a revolutionary solution that redefines online document distribution and accessibility.

Free Online PDF Conversions

Upload your PDF to See the Results.

Experience the solutions from PDFix on your documents right away by visiting our free online tool. Upload your PDF now and explore the range of conversions to various HTML layouts. Plus, in our latest release, we’ve introduced a new feature for responsive HTML conversion: automatically generated table of contents for your HTML page. Try it out now and let us know your results!