Extract Data from PDF

Extract Data from PDF

In today’s modern world, data are a driver of growth and change. The amount of data we’re now generating is growing at unprecedented rates and large pool of these data lives in files. Unfortunately the majority (upward of 80 percent) of enterprise data today is unstructured. ‘Unstructured’ data (or Human-readable data) refers to files like spreadsheets, presentations, documents including PDFs or other user-generated content. And this isn’t just a big data problem, it’s a growing security problem too.

But what if my PDF is not well-tagged or not tagged at all?

If you’ve ever tried to get any data from unstructured PDF files, you know how painful it is. There is no easy way how to do that. What looks like an image is not an image. You are not able to copy texts in the right reading order, what looks like a table is just a bunch of isolated elements as lines, rectangles, and texts.

This is where the magic happens!

We have created an algorithm that allows you to extract data in an easily readable structured way. With PDFix we are able to recognize all logical structures and we can give you a hierarchical structure of document elements in correct reading order.

Watch our video to get more information.