Preserve original PDF formatting or convert PDF to Reflowable HTML automatically

PDFix SDK allows you to automatically convert PDF to HTML in two different ways. You can choose whether to keep the layout and preserve the original formatting of the PDF document or convert PDF into truly responsive HTML with reflow and accessibility features.

Conversion to HTML makes the PDF content fully searchable and makes it visible through browsers on any device.

Responsive and Reflowable HTML

PDFix helps you generate a truly responsive HTML5 output with reflowing content, that gives you an advantage in the current Mobile World. This conversion brings you all benefits of native HTML format, the output displays well on handheld devices, is optimized for search engines, is user and web-friendly, and accessible.

With PDFix you can use different approaches on how to get reflowable HTML. If your PDF document is already tagged, you can use a “derivation algorithm” that converts well-tagged pdf files into HTML.

The truth is, that’s the vast majority of PDFs are not tagged or not tagged properly. PDFix SDK helps you also with this issue. A solution depends on your use case. You can use PDFix autotag feature that generates a well-tagged PDF document for the derivation algorithm.

If you don’t want to modify the original PDF, you can use our direct conversion to HTML. Technically we run the same structure recognition engine in the background.

Responsive and Reflowable HTML Showcase
Format Preserving HTML Showcase
Format Preserving HTML

Fixed layout PDF to HTML conversion keeps the content layout and preserves the original formatting. PDF document is converted just as is and graphics remain unchanged after conversion. We guarantee a pixel perfect page rendering with dynamic zoom support.

Technically HTML transparent texts are aligned with PDF text positions and PDF fonts are mapped to the appropriate system fonts with style, size, and kerning to make accurate fit.

PDF Form Filling in Web Browser

PDF Form-filling is no longer a domain of desktop applications. PDFix SDK converts PDF Form to HTML form with the support of AcroForm technology.

PDFix SDK converts form fields to native HTML Text fields, Dropdowns, List boxes, Radio buttons, or Checkboxes with support of standard PDF Form actions like Submit or Reset.

HTML Form supports JavaScript known as ECMAScript for PDF used for validations, calculations, or custom script execution.

Customizable form submission in combination with the back-end processing to fill data, flatten or sign, PDFix SDK provides an automated, full-featured PDF Form solution ready to integrate into web-based applications.

PDF Form Filling in Web Browser Showcase

Windows, MacOS, Linux

Java, Python, C#, C++