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Entirely new way of converting PDF files to HTML

PDF to HTML conversion is nothing new, especially if you want to put PDF content on a web page. Conversion to HTML makes the PDF content fully searchable and makes it visible through browsers on any device.

There are many companies doing that, but there is one big difference compare to other conversion tools.

We can generate a truly responsive HTML5 page with reflowing content, that gives you an advantage in the current Mobile World!

Our PDFix PDF to HTML conversion allows you to convert PDF document into two different layouts. You can choose whether to keep layout and preserve formatting of original PDF or (and that’s the difference)  convert PDF into truly responsive HTML with reflow and accessibility features.

The conversion can generate two different HTML layouts

Original Fixed layout

  • Keeps content layout
  • Preserves original formatting
  • PDF file is converted just as is and graphics remain unchanged after conversion
  • Pixel perfect page rendering
  • Transparent text aligned with PDF text position
  • Supports dynamic zoom
PDFix PDF to HTML Fixed Layout

Responsive / Reflowable layout

  • True responsive html page
  • Reflows PDF content
  • Reflows PDF text and tables
  • Fits different page or screen widths
  • Displays well on handheld devices
  • Extracts text, text alignment and font information
  • Extracts images and other logical PDF drawings
  • Detects PDF table structures and converts them to HTML tables automatically
  • Supports elements hierarchy
PDFix PDF to HTML Responsive Layout

PDF to HTML conversion supports

HTML tags, HTML5, CSS3
HTML Forms
Document JavaScript
Text in unicode, text alignment and font information
PDF fonts are mapped to the appropriate system fonts with style, size and kerning to make accurate fit
PDF tables with and without PDF table structures detection and conversion to HTML tables
Images and logical Graphics elements extraction
Text annotations
Text Markup annotation
Link annotation support

AcroForms support

AcroForms supports is an important part of PDFix PDF to HTML conversion. It allows you to support standard AcroForms directly in your favourite web browser as native HTML Forms without any restrictions.

PDFix PDF to HTML AcroForms Support
Document JavaScript support
Forms support
Forms support with JavaScript
Form data submission (email or http)
Form data flattening
FDF support
Form fields detection (comming soon)
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