Key Features

Fast, accurate, reliable, and optimized PDF functionality
Standard features

PDFix SDK analyses the key components of the PDF and makes it easily available for you to manipulate. It’s a high-performance C++ library that helps software developers and end-users integrate PDF functionality into their workflows.

Standard functionality includes fast and accurate PDF viewing and rendering, creating, editing, and printing PDF documents. You can add watermarks, images, edit comments, reviews, document metadata, links, bookmarks or manipulate with pages.

PDFix SDK can extract and search text from the PDF document or images using OCR, and use regular expressions as well. It has also the ability to embed and subset fonts. You can extract, insert, and update data from form fields. PDFix SDK provides access to low-level objects from PDF documents.

PDFix SDK is a powerful PDF solution in desktop and server environments. It’s available on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux platforms. You can write your apps in the language of your choice including C++, C#, Java, and Python.

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Signatures Showcase

With the ability to sign PDFs with both Electronic Signatures and Digital Signatures we have your digital transactions covered. E-signature is an alternative to a traditional signature, written by the human hand. Digital signature is very secure and less risky because it’s authorized and regulated by certification authorities. Time stamping guarantees the long-term preservation of digital signatures.


Redaction permanently removes sensitive content from the selected area. Once the text or graphics are removed, they cannot be retrieved. The redacted area can be filled with custom content like redaction text or color. PDFix also automatically removes all private information, and personal data connected to the redacted area.

With PDFix API you can search for custom text patterns using regular expressions and automate your redaction workflows.

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Windows, MacOS, Linux

Java, Python, C#, C++