New ISO Standards

New ISO Standards

ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0)

About PDF Format

PDF format has come a long way since it was first developed in 1993. Defined by an ISO standard since 2007, the world of PDF technology now includes a huge number of ISO standards, declaration to the breadth and depth of the format’s reach throughout the global economy.

Standardization is essential to the magic of PDF since it makes it look and work the same everywhere, independent of the environment or software being used.

New Standards for PDF Technology

ISO 32000-2, PDF 2.0 defines a digital form for representing electronic documents, allowing users to exchange and view electronic documents independent of the environment in which they were created, viewed, or printed. The document is intended for developers of PDF writers, PDF readers, and interactive PDF processors.

The thousand-page standard has been updated with hundreds of corrections and clarifications. Some of the most notable changes include:

  • Significant updates to Annex F, “Linearized PDF”, and Annex L, “Parent-child relationships between the standard structure elements in the standard structure namespace for PDF 2.0”
  • Updates to PDF character collections
  • Updates to several important normative references

Adobe, Apryse and Foxit sponsor public availability

Thanks to unique collaboration between the PDF Association and leading PDF companies Adobe, Apryse and Foxit, the latest ISO standard for PDF technology is now publicly available exceptionally at no cost.

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About the PDF Association

PDF Association is an international collaboration of member organizations that develops specifications and standards for PDF technology. It promotes the acceptance of open standards for PDF documents and works closely with the ISO to ensure that the PDF standard remains relevant and up-to-date. Along with that, PDFix is a productive member of the PDF Association.