Free PDF Validation

Use our Free PDFix Desktop Lite to check PDFs for compliance with PDF/UA standards

PDFix offers free PDF validation to help you ensure that your files are truly accessible. It provides a fast way to check PDF files for PDF/UA conformance and makes it easy to spot all problems. It finds accessibility issues, explains the problem and also offers suggestions on how to resolve each issue.

It’s powered by veraPDF validation open source engine, an industry-supported PDF/UA validator.

In addition to accessibility checks, PDFix provides Deriving HTML from PDF. It helps you visually display the results and quickly check the structure and reading order.

PDF Accessibility Checker

PDFix Desktop Lite provides an automated way to check the accessibility of a PDF file.

Support for PDF/UA-1 (machine) validation leveraging the Matterhorn Protocol
Compatible with PAC, Adobe Acrobat
Well organized summary of the results. You can choose how you want the results reported. 
Quick navigation to errors in Tags, Content, or Annotations panes
Conversion to HTML for visually evaluating the logical structure and reading order
Support for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG (coming soon)
About veraPDF

Version 1.18, the latest release of veraPDF, the industry-supported, open source PDF/A validator and a component of the Open Preservation Foundation’s reference toolset

Support for PDF/UA-1 (machine checks)
PDF/UA-1 (machine) validation leveraging the Matterhorn Protocol
Industry Supported PDF/UA Validation
Open source implementation of PDF/UA validation
Available for MAC, Windows and Linux
Ability to define further checks in order to enforce institutional policy
Tagged PDF Showcase
Tagged PDF Showcase
Deriving HTML from PDF

Conversion of tagged PDF ISO 32000-2 documents to conforming HTML files. Implemented based on Deriving HTML from PDF specification.

Simplify accessibility of PDF through HTML
Reuse PDF contents on mobile devices and HTML environments
Access information contained in PDF documents over visual representation
Render authored PDFs into HTML
Derive PDF content into HTML for automated processing

Windows, MacOS, Linux

Java, Python, C#, C++