Learn how to use PDFix to validate your tagged PDF.

You can watch the linked video for a step-by-step explanation of the entire process.

In order to ensure that your pdf can be used and read by people with disabilities, it needs to meet certain technical criteria, otherwise known as accessibility standards. PDFix offers a tool that automatically validates your pdf and shows you which parts of the document do not comply with the accessibility standards.

The entire validation process can be done in a few simple steps. After loading the document and opening it in PDFix, simply press the Validate button located in the validation panel. You should ensure that the document is properly tagged beforehand by examining the tags of the document through the tags panel.

A PDF with shown tags opened in PDFix

Tags (on the left) of a loaded PDF

After the validation process is finished, you can view the results, which may include several errors. These errors are connected to the parts of the documents that do not comply. You can click through them and read their description to learn more. Fixing all of the found errors is crucial in creating a valid PDF.

Validation errors on a PDF opened in PDFix

Validation results (on the right) with an error description

There are many different kinds of errors that can be discovered during the validation process. After selecting a specific error, PDFix navigates you to the page where it occurred. It also locates the error in the Content Panel. For example, Selecting the Alternative Description Error for figures shows the relevant figure in the document as well as its structure element in the tag panel. The same occurs when selecting the Alternative description error for links.

Link validation error on a PDF opened in PDFix

Alternative Description Error for links

The process of fixing individual errors will be further described in the following blog posts as well as video tutorials. Once all the errors are fixed, press the revalidate button to ensure no additional errors are present.