VeraPDF: Industry-Supported PDF/UA Validation

One of the standout players in the accessibility of digital documents is veraPDF – an industry-supported PDF validator designed to verify compliance with PDF/UA standards. VeraPDF empowers users to ensure PDF documents adhere to the accessibility requirements outlined in the PDF/UA – ISO 14289.

VeraPDF stands is the reliable validator you can trust:

  1. PDF Validation: VeraPDF is a purpose-built, open source, file-format validator covering International Standards ISO 14289-1:2014.
  2. VeraPDF Consortium: The validator is led by the PDF Association which promotes the implementation of International Standards for PDF technology.
  3. Community-Driven Open Source: VeraPDF is supported by the PDF software developer community.
  4. Industry Recognition: As an independent validator, VeraPDF adds an extra layer of trust and staying adaptable to evolving industry standards.
  5. Cross-Platform Tool: Industry-leading solution that supports Windows, macOS, and Linux.

PDF/UA: Paving the Way for Universal Accessibility

ISO 14289, also known as PDF/UA, aims to establish guidelines for representing electronic documents in PDF format, ensuring that these files are accessible to users. Its focus is making digital files accessible particularly for people with disabilities who may rely on assistive technologies to navigate and comprehend digital content.

PDF Validation: Explore Rule Areas

Validation profiles in VeraPDF are sets of rules that ensure PDF documents meet specific standards. The repository contains all validation profiles supported by veraPDF. They are split into individual rules and then grouped into validation profiles for each supported flavor.

The PDF/UA folder holds all rules and validation profiles for PDF/UA-1 validation, as well as validation of parent-child relationships in Tagged PDF structure tree for ISO 32000-1, ISO 32000-2 and ISO 32005.

PDF/UA Validation Profiles

ISO-32000-1-Tagged.xmlPDF1.7 Profile for validation of tagged PDF structure tree relations.
ISO-32000-2-Tagged.xmlPDF2.0 Profile for validation of tagged PDF structure tree relations.
ISO-32005-Tagged.xmlTagged PDF structure tree relations for PDF 1.7 and PDF 2.0
PDFUA-1.xmlValidation rules against ISO 14289-1:2014
PDFUA-2-ISO32005.xmlValidation rules against ISO 14289-2:202x and ISO 32005
PDFUA-2.xmlValidation rules against ISO 14289-2:202x
WCAG-2-2Complete.xmlValidation rules against WCAG 2.2 and ISO 14289-1:2014
WCAG-2-2-Dev.xmlExtra rules for WCAG 2.2 validation in addition to PDF/UA-1
WCAG-2-2-Machine.xmlMachine rules for WCAG 2.2 validation
WCAG-2-2.xmlExtra rules for WCAG 2.2 validation in addition to PDF/UA-1
See GitHub for the documentation on the profile syntax and the details for each rule.

PDF Validation Tools

There are only a few PDF validation tools that will test a document for compliance with standards.

PDF ValidatorStandard ComplianceAccess
PAC 3PDF/UA (only)Free
CommonLook PDF Validator (Acrobat Plugin)PDF/UA, WCAG2.0, Section 508Free
CommonLook PDF PDF/UA, WCAG2.0, Section 508Paid
Acrobat Pro Accessibility CheckerLimited PDF/UA, WCAG Paid
PDFix Desktop Lite ( VeraPDF )PDF/UA, WCAG2.0, Section 508Free

VeraPDF Validator at PDFix

At PDFix, we use the industry-supported veraPDF validator integrated into our tools to ensure document validation against PDF/UA and WCAG standards. This guarantees that our validation reports provide trustworthy information to end-users.

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