We are not alone

We are not alone

We are not alone in our revolution and things are happening as we speak. We started our mission with idea of responsiveness in PDF world twelve months ago. Just recently PDF Association (www.pdfa.org) introduced program for upcoming PDF Days in Berlin (https://www.pdfa.org/agenda-of-the-pdf-days-europe-2017/) with one track dedicated to next-generation PDF (https://www.pdfa.org/next-generation-pdf/)

Others started noticing:
and we are glad to see a lot of excitements.

Next-generation PDF is new project that’s under development within the PDF Association. PDF Days is best place to find out more. We are actively participating in this development. Jozef Baranec (CTO of PDFix), is having a presentation “PDF in Web browsers” on Monday, May 15 about how PDFix fits into this new era. So if you want to know more, please come and talk to us at PDF Days, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to listen to many pdf experts and find your answers.

Meet us on PDF Days 2017 in Berlin.

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