PDFix Desktop 2.0 Release: What’s New!

Welcome to the latest scoop from PDFix! We’re stoked to reveal the updates packed into PDFix Desktop Pro 2.0.1, rolled out on May 11, 2024. Our team has harnessed the power of automation and machine learning to turbocharge the process for batch accessibility commands perfectly suited to making complex documents accessible very quickly and effortlessly.

So, what’s new with PDFix Desktop Pro? Let’s dive in!

Accessibility and Tagging

  • Updated default tagset for PDF version 1.3 and lower
  • Batch commands management update
  • New remediation commands for document and batch
  • New customizable Make Accessible and Auto-fix commands
  • Added Save validation report to HTML
  • Fixed unwanted table columns created with text filling when tagging as table
  • Fixed duplicated MCID values created when tagging
  • Enhanced character Unicode mapping

User Interface

  • Fixed Quick Access Tag As… buttons hidden after the update
  • New Quick Access toolbar
  • Unified command dialogs
  • Sorting options within the font panel
  • Searching for shortcuts in Preferences


  • Integrated PDFix SDK 8.0.1
  • Fixed macOS installer that is not starting or checking for updates.
  • New MacOS native support for ARM architecture (M1, M2, M3 chip)
  • Performance and stability improvements

With the latest updates in PDFix Desktop Pro 2.0.1, we’ve truly upped the ante on functionality, accessibility, and ease of use for your PDF processes.

Ready to experience it? Take the leap and upgrade today!

Happy PDFixing!