PDFix SDK & Desktop Pro Release

PDFix SDK 7.1

The PDFix SDK provides developers with the tools to seamlessly integrate advanced PDF functionalities, including accessibility, PDF conversion, and data extraction features into their applications. 

New Features Update List:

  • Delete empty tags after TagAs
  • Fix placement for Note
  • Rotate pages PsCommand

PDFix Desktop Pro 1.4

PDFix Desktop Pro is a complex solution for PDF accessibility, PDF conversion and data extraction designed for professionals and businesses of all sizes. In our most recent update, our objective was to enhance accessibility efficiency and streamline PDF manipulation by introducing the following features:


  • Integrated PDFix SDK 7.1.0
  • Batch processing performance update
  • Rotate Pages
  • Document permissions check
  • Performance and stability improvements

Accessibility & Tagging

  • Add/Edit Table Summary
  • Delete Tags Command simplified

HTML Conversion

  • Integrated HTML preview
PDF to HTML Preview in PDFix Desktop

Remember to download the latest version to access the newest features including this recent update.

Available Windows, Linux, and MacOS.