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Tagged PDF

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Vast majority of PDFs are not tagged

Vast majority of PDFs that exist and are created daily are not tagged or are not tagged properly and provide just visual representation of the content. This makes the information invisible for screen readers used by visually impaired people or reading software for users with learning disabilities. Tagged PDF allows an easy navigation and accessible presentation of the content in PDF files reading software for users with learning disabilities.

The European Accessibility Act, EPA Section 508, Canada’s Common Look and Feel standard, Britain’s BS 8878, WCAG 2.0 and other regulations and directives diverge accessibility requirements across the countries. This helps businesses and disabled or old people to access and share the information.

Demanding and expensive?

Converting PDFs into accessible version that complies with WCAG 2.0 is not an one click task. It is demanding and expensive. Requires a lot of knowledge and expertise.

But what if we can automate majority of your tasks with our enhanced algorithm?

Try our autotag feature that recognises all important structures in your documents like tables, lists, reading order. Our engine is designed in a way that allows adjustments for specifics of your files. Share your expectations with us. Talk to us and we can help you set up the logic that suits your needs so you can use your expertise on tasks that can’t be automated.

Add Tags to your PDF files


Businesses benefit from:

Common rules on accessibility.
Leading to costs reduction, easier cross-border trading or
more market opportunities for their accessible products and services.

Disabled and older people will benefit from:

More accessible products and services in the market.
Accessible products and services at more competitive prices.
Fewer barriers when accessing education and the open labour market.
More jobs available where accessibility expertise is needed.
PDF Universal Accesibility
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