PDFix Desktop 1.5: What’s New in Latest Release!

Welcome to the latest news from PDFix! We are excited to share the cool stuff we added to PDFix Desktop Pro 1.5.0, released on January 24, 2024. Get ready for a better PDF experience with fresh features and improvements.

PDFix Desktop Pro is the go-to solution for easy PDF document processing. Designed for businesses of all sizes, this user-friendly solution tool simplifies PDF accessibility, conversion, and data extraction. Our developers have incorporated automation and machine learning to make tough tasks a breeze – thousands of documents processed in minutes.

Let’s check out what PDFix Desktop Pro has in store for you!

Accessibility, Tagging, and Validation

  • Customizable Quick Tag As Actions
  • Added Validation Profiles for ISO-32000, PDF/UA, WCAG, and More
  • Table Tool Keyboard Navigation and Moving with CTRL/SHIFT
  • Cut and Paste Tag as Sibling or Child

Batch Commands

  • Added Set PDF/UA Standard Command Update
  • Added Import/Clone Command
  • Enabled Command Editing before Run
  • Display Progress when Running Batch Commands
  • Memory Consumption Improvements in Batch


With the fresh upgrades in PDFix Desktop Pro 1.5.0, we have elevated your document processes to a whole new level of functionality, accessibility, and simplicity. Your PDF projects deserve the best, and we’ve made sure they get it.

Take the leap and upgrade today!

Happy PDFixing!