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For a PDF document with 21 or more pages, it’s essential to incorporate bookmarks that mirror the accessible document structure. This ensures that individuals using assistive technology have a smoother navigation experience within the PDF document.

Bookmarks Commands

Create Bookmarks

Run Create Bookmarks to automatically generate bookmarks from a tag tree hierarchy.

  1. Select Create Bookmarks.
  2. Select the type of the tag for each bookmark Level.
  3. Check Overwrite if you want bookmarks to be generated even if bookmarks already exist.
  4. Run Command Create Bookmarks.

Bookmarks are added to the end of the current bookmark tree. If necessary, use the Delete Bookmarks command to clear the existing bookmarks before executing this command.

Delete Bookmarks

Delete Bookmarks clears a bookmark structure in the document.

Bookmarks panel

Bookmark view

Add Bookmark

Add Bookmark adds an empty bookmark as a sibling of the selected bookmark. After adding a new bookmark, you can set a bookmark’s action in the Properties widget.

Delete Bookmark

Delete Bookmark deletes selected bookmarks.

Edit Bookmark

Edit Bookmark to change a bookmark name.

Bookmark Properties

Click on Properties to view available bookmark properties for editing. You can change the bookmark name, bookmark color, or bookmark font styling from this view.

Bookmark Actions

Each bookmark can have an associated list of actions. You can add, remove and edit bookmark actions in the Actions tab within the Properties view.





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